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Petkin Plaque Dental Kit

Plaque Dental Kit & Storage Pouch Contains:

Plaque & Tartar Gel Toothpaste
- Formulated specifically for dogs, no rinsing needed
- Formula cleans plaque and tartar accumulation
- Helps clean teeth and fights bad breath
Long Reach Double Sided Toothbrush
- Long reach handle for hard to clean teeth
- Small and large head for plaque and food cleaning
Easy To Use Fingerbrush
- Gently removes plaque, food debris and massages gums
- Easy-to-use, just slip over finger
- Ideal for puppies

- Plaque and tartar toothpaste
- Long reach double sided toothbrush
- Easy-to-use fingerbrush
Toothpaste Ingredients: Water, glycerine, zinc gluconate, cetylpyridinium chloride, aloe vera gel, baking soda, mint flavor, potassium sorbate, methylparaben, malic acid

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